Farm Vet

Farm Vet 1.0

It is a 3D game based on a farm where you should take care of animals
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Farm Vet is a funny 3D game based on a farm environment where you should take care of animals. You should treat and feed them to become the best vet. There are horses, calves, bunnies, ducks, sheep, chickens, etc. To begin playing you should choose your player, you will be able to select the gender, hair style, hair color, skin, shirt, pants and boots. Every morning you have to check your to-do list on your PDA, it will show the duties. In order to make any action with animals you have to point at the animal’s status button and click on it. It will show an array of the farm animals in bubbles. Only the animals in color are actually on the farm. When you point at one of the animal bubbles, you will see how many animals of that type you have and how they are doing. To select an animal you have to hold the pointer over the bubble with the animal you want to cure or feed and you will go straight to it. For example, if an animal needs examination a red cross icon will appear. Click on it and the animal will be taken to the lab where you will find medical equipment for examining, monitoring and testing.

Roberto Jimenez
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  • It has realistic vet tools


  • Trial version can be played for 60 minutes only
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